Camp JD Rates for 2013:

Cottage included in all rates
$1000 USD one week./person
This is a very affordable hunt…. HUNT INCLUDES:
*** Active Bait Site***
*** Ground or Tree Stand ***
*** A guide to and from the stands ***
*** Small Cabin ***
*** Hot Showers (Seperate building) ***
*** Very Clean Outdoor Toilets ***
*** Clean Surrondings ***
*** Skinning and freezing of hide ***
***Fees charged by the Government of Ontario***
Licence fees (HST included in all fees)
1. Resident’s Licence tag to hunt Bear $39.75 CDN
2. Non-Resident Licence to hunt Bear $198.75 CDN
3. Export and Shipping
Residents and non-residents must have an Ontario export permit to export a black bear or any part thereof from Ontario.
You may obtain an export permit from most MNR offices in the area where the animal has been taken and from specific commercial licence issuers. You should obtain the necessary export permits before reaching a border point to avoid any inconvenience. An Ontario resident may temporarily transport a black bear out of Ontario without an export permit if the resident is on the way to a location in Ontario and does not leave any part of the black bear outside Ontario. A non-resident must pay $35 for an export permit. Export permits have sub-permits attached to them for exporting a part or parts of the animal for which an export permit has been issued. You may use up to three sub-permits for this purpose. Receptacles containing game wildlife or specially protected wildlife that are being shipped or transported to points inside or outside Ontario must have the names and addresses of the sender and receiver, and a list of the contents written on the outside.
These fees are charged by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
For further information please visit the MNR website at
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resorces.
The bear hunting handbook from the MNR website with all the fees inside plus useful info to remember for your hunt.MNR BEAR INFO


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